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48, Toh Aka Lane

10100 George Town, Penang

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Heritage Guides & Volunteers (Since 2011)

“Friends of George Town Heritage” (2011)

With a reservoir of heritage knowledge available in Arts-ED, we provide training for volunteers to promote George Town’s history and culture to complement the efforts of the state government agency George Town World Heritage Inc (GTWHI).

There were 2 area of training in regards to their area of volunteering.

Volunteer guides learn how to promote George Town’s history and culture through designing and conducting thematic trails for school children. The outcome of these training sessions is customized exploration trails for young people. Through the training, volunteers guide learn to device interesting thematic walks for different ages and guiding and facilitation skills.

Special volunteers went through the training in George Town’s history and culture and offer their expertise services in project coordination, documentation, copywriting, writing and editing for heritage organisation

These programs and educational materials are now an integral part of GTWHI’s education program.
Friends of George Town Heritage Report