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Traditional Trade and Food Brochure

This is a series of 17 illustrated brochures designed & researched by young people, documenting the history of traditional traders and craftsmen and a description of their trades or foods. Each brochure is illustrated with information for each trader, using diagrams, writings and drawings. Some examples such as Dough Fritters (Yu Char Kuih), Benggali Bread (Roti Benggali) and Endangered Trade: Rattan Chair.

Malaysian Design Archive Brochures

Penang Heritage Shophouses Brochure and Poster

An easy visual and informational guide illustrates the various historical styles, features and heritage values of traditional shophouses in Penang. The comical and easy reading materials aimed to increase awareness and appreciation of general public and encourage a higher awareness of authentic conservation of heritage shophouse. We worked with artists, architect and conservationist collectively to produce this guide.

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Sample Brochure (in Mandarin)